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Introduction the Second

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First off, I've never written a blog before. Saying that, I've mocked, chronicled, exaggerated, debased, humiliated, understated and spilt my guts through the written word many times before. If you follow Edge of the Map on instagram or Facebook you'll see that most of the posts I make feature some mindless nuance about my day, but I've never got up close and personal like this. So, the point. Introduce myself, and you get a glimpse at the man on the other side of the screen. It's kind of amazing to me that I've been doing this for years and have never shown my face on any of Edge of the Map's social media. I think the closest I've intentionally got was my shadow, which might give you a few details about me physically, but probably lacks any real excitement. So, them sweet deets.

Name: Matt M[REDACTED]

Age: Born in 1992, I rarely divulge much more than that Nationality: Cornish and Proud (mostly) Lives in: Newquay Jobs: Owner of Edge of the Map/ Creative Content Producer at a holiday chain

Hobbies: Graphic Design, Photography, the Gym, lying down, eating, walking (preferably along perilous locations), riding my less than steady bike, reading.

Taste in Music: Varied, currently I'm listening to the "Pure Pop Punk " playlist on Spotify, but I started this blog on the "Watch Dogs 2" playlist, because I can pretend I'm in San Francisco then. Most browsed websites: Ebay, Amazon, Dribbble, Wikipedia, Youtube & Dueling Analogs

Bad Habits: I spend too long in the shower, standard artistic self-doubt, recovering from social awkwardness. Camera: Nikon D3300 / GoPro Hero 5 / Nexus 6p

Lenses: 35mm Prime, 11-16mm Tokina, 18-55, 55-300 OK, that'll probably do for this one. Next time I'll make it more focused, maybe discuss the career and goals and stuff. Let me know if you enjoyed reading this, or if you thought it was the ramblings of an idiot. Ciao!

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