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A summer state of affairs.

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

I make the hilarious joke that I’ve fallen over every bit of Cornwall pretty regularly and I’m not sure it’s a joke anymore. It’s not even loose fact, over 27 years of intense Kernowphilia (Yeah, that’s a word now, I’ve just made it up – I own it now) I don’t think there’s anywhere in Cornwall that I’ve wanted to see that I haven’t and even then I somehow find the bits I don’t want to see by accident.

I’ve been thinking of trying to find a way to put this to use. I mean, the obvious answer here is location scouting, I think if I got given parameters, I could point someone in the right direction for anything. My second hypothetical was to do some really cool Kernow flavoured maps, but is anyone really interested in that? It’s a bit niche and I don’t want to do something clichéd. I could write a travel book, but that’d go about as well as the other book I was supposed to write.

I guess I’ll just keep plumbing on. At least I can do the photo stuff with a reasonable degree of competency now. I did a wedding, that was fun. I was a finalist in the Muddy Stilettos (again). My creative lust for new ideas hasn’t stopped, but I just feel kind of directionless. I need a bigger challenge. Something to kick me in the arse and send me in a new direction.

Maybe I’ll try and enter a serious award or something. The “Empty Faces” thing seems to be going down pretty well, even if it’s being viewed as more depressing than optimistic, but in my defence, it’s been a bitch of a year and clearly that has to manifest itself somewhere.

So anyway, I’ve got a few things planned. Ones a big ol’ skull I’ve been working on, it’s gonna involve smoke bombs and I reckon that’ll be bonkers. Still trying to work out who to use for a model, maybe a dog. The lack of thumbs would be an issue and the basic anatomy would be wrong but who doesn’t love a juxtaposition of human / dog skeletal structure?

I’d kind of like to start working with some brands. I’ve got really into having a smaller focal point amongst a grand background recently, so that’d be cool. If you have a product or whatever and you’re reading this give me a shout. I’m more than willing to take trying out some new stuff and you’ll get some photos out of it. Everyone wins.

Oh, I did some branding work for Roberta Mason Art Glass. She does some truly incredible work with glass and she’s incredibly nice to work with as well. I strongly recommend checking out what she does. You can click here for her website and here for her Instagram. Anyways, two blogs in a couple of days? Jeez. Who'da thunk it?

Actual footage of me right now (I wish).

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