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14ish month blog update

First off, if you subscribed to this hoping to be rewarded with intensive weekly updates I'm sorry, that was probably never going to happen. So here's a few things that happened since I last wrote here:

  • Came second in the best photography muddy stilettos competition.

  • Built and branded Carbon Fitness' website (check it out, he's a good guy and there's a free training program on there if you sign up that's really good).

  • Got some underwater camera housing

  • Got featured on Jessops' website

  • Had a 2 month long migraine that means I have to take pills daily

  • Played with some smoke bombs

  • Shit loads of stuff basically

I guess my goal for the next few months is going to be learning After Effects, carrying on with some of the more artistic design work I've been playing with (click here for some of it), maybe a sort of life shift as well, I wouldn't mind moving to a bigger place with maybe a few less ne'er-do-wells to contend with. Actually I guess somewhere where I had my own parking space would be great. Or a separate room for all my work stuff. I'm pretty sure studios aren't also supposed to be a library/kitchen/living room/greenhouse. Anyway, hopefully the next update won't take 14 months to come through. I honestly don't even know if anyone reads this but it's cathartic as hell to write this down somewhere.

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