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Be Nice or Go Home Sticker

Be Nice or Go Home Sticker


Be Nice or Go Home Stickers


Benefits of the "Be Nice or Go Home" EOTM approved sticker:

  • Create fear in the hearts of your enemies!
  • Guarantees that if stuck on a car travelling at 62mph, you will go faster than any car travelling at 60mph!
  • Covers dings of any 8x8cm ish size!
  • Useful for covering the branding of our corporate overlords!
  • Approved by Matt from Edge of the Map for use on things!
  • Adds +2 to your Charisma skill!
  • Might make at least two of your friends chuckle, and make you become a super cool, crazy hip, rad trendsetter,  look at you go my dude. You're the bees knees, the eye's apple and the cats nightwear.


8cm x 8cm Die cut stickers. Perfect for showing your displeasure at the world, or more specifically, those arseholes who ruined your day by acting like morons.


Limited Stock Available (because I didn't expect these to sell as well as they have).

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