the beer project

Everything is super hipster nowadays, especially beer, so I thought I'd try and make something a bit different while also attempting something completely within the scope of a demographic that's seen it all before you. Basic rules as follows.


1. For the love of god, no skulls, pieces of wheat or cliches.

2. Make it something that could be useable anywhere. It safe to assume that if you made a business nowadays someones going to make a super artsy t-shirt with the logo on.

Initially I went with a cyberpunk theme, the colours looked really cool and now that I'm reasonably comfortable making cyberpunk scenes in blender making the foreground went really well, but ultimately I didn't think it was as "premium" as it could be, so I went for a monotone look but with some intricate bits of shadowing that I think give the logo the depth that was needed. Anyway, here's some mockups for the coolest brand you'll never use and a link where you can actually but a t-shirt with it on and prove me wrong!

Buy it! Click here.

AMAZE Poster
AMAZE flag
AMAZE bottles