the ui project

I had a thought. I wanted to make a mobile user interface. I'd never done one before, but I was looking for the opportunity to flex a bit. I only had two goals.


1. Keep it cool

2. Make it stupid easy to use.


Unless you're changing part of it you should be able to do everything with a gesture. It shouldn't confuse anyone and if you understand the alphabet it should be pretty easy. I mean ideally I'd be a genius and have it machine learn averaged out interpretations of the alphabet so it'd get quicker and quicker as it learnt more and more. I guess it'd even have custom programmable gestures so you could reach certain apps even quicker, 3 quick taps for emergency calls or a o with a / through it for the camera.

Oh, and it'd unlock when you looked at it, but I guess that's kinda done anyway. Anyhoo, here's a dorky .gif and a breakdown. Also, not affiliated with Google, Amazon or Airbnb, all rights reserved. Duh.

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